Merchandise Links


Merchandise Links

To get Merchandise to the Movie The Toxic Avenger and other Troma films visit the following sites.

    Sorry, but nor Blue Grape carries Toxic Avenger merchandise.  The only reason I mention there address is because they still sell Tromeo & Juliet T-Shirts.  Anyway, this page hasn't;t been updated for 3 years (no joke) so it's about time it could use on.

   You probably already know about eBay but for those who don't it is the BEST place for Toxic merchandise.  It's where I got my Toxic Avenger movie poster and comic books.   The movie is always up for sale.  Just search troma or toxic avenger.  (I also bought a Zombie Island Massacre poster there).  Other than eBay, Amazon auctions sometimes has toxic merchandise but not as much as eBay.  If your looking for the laserdiscs, DVD, or VHS tape of toxie below are links to where to got them.  AND I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, don't order from troma.  Sorry troma, but your last order took 11 weeks.

Reel- Biggest movie shop on the net

Amazon- Books, Movies, Music

Ken Cranes- Where to get your toxie laserdisc and DVD

eBay- Best place for anything troma